21 Day Manifesting Mastery$197

 Imagine effortlessly attracting abundance, success, and happiness into every aspect of your life.

"In the first week, I manifested one course sale - which had been my goal for WEEKS! In 21-days, I was able to shift my energy around money and approach my business with renewed energy, resulting in a contract offer for 6 months & 4 presentation bookings!"

Linda Massie

"I am going to go back and listen to everything again and again! I experienced so many shifts, mic drop and aha moments during this course. Gina and Emily are a dynamic duo leaving us feeling like anything is possible if we believe it."

Amanda M.

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Ready to get your butt kicked from two coaches who tell it like it is, and give you no BS action steps? Grab a 45-minute session with us and be prepared to have your mind blown!

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